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We Welcome Thanksgiving

Aloha Hale Kōkua family,

It’s the season for Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving gives us the opportunity to come together in thankfulness. Thankful for new jobs, babies, loved ones, and large turkeys. 

This year, though, you may find it hard to feel grateful. With a raging global pandemic, racial unrest, election year friction, on top of the everyday busyness of life, a heart of gratitude may feel difficult—or even impossible.   

What if we took a few minutes today to meditate on even one thing we can be grateful for? Holding even one grateful thought in our hearts can bring joy into the season. Did you know that research has shown that the practice of gratitude leads to positive health benefits? Cultivating an attitude of gratitude even in dark times can change our health, our lives and our families! 

When we see our children find reasons to laugh and smile even in the worst of times, we’re reminded that simple moments of gratitude can transform lives. 

This adorable Thanksgiving craft helps us visualize our blessings! 

Take a few minutes to watch Thankful Turkey, and maybe even set aside some time to do it with your kids. 

Let’s be intentional about counting our blessings today.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Hale Kōkua