Community Table Tennis

Come join us in a fun game of table tennis, aka “ping pong.”  Everyone, from those who are young and those who are young at heart, is welcome!  This is an excellent activity to build physical, social, and even mental health.  A great sport for all ages and all levels of skill.

Due To COVID-19, We Have Paused This Event. Have A Question?

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Our ping pong community is new, but it is flourishing. It’s so nice to be able to play regularly.

Our Team

Wilma Kam
Steve Daido

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

A. You need not bring anything as the program supplies a paddle ,  ping pong balls , table and net .
You may bring your own paddle and balls if you like .

A. You can register when you come There is also a medical waiver form that needs to be signed.
If the person is a minor, then a parent must be present to register and sign a separate waiver for their child .

A. There are 4 free standing and 3 foldable table top types available to play on.

A. Yes, all levels of skill can  play and participate. The more experienced players many times can coach the ones needing help .

A. Yes, usually  there are others that can partner off with you if don’t have a partner.

A. Yes, usually there are seasoned players that can help an individual learn and improve but no certified teachers .

A. Usually most players stay for 2 hours with breaks in between games.

A. We are open 4pm-8pm most Thursdays (closed on holidays and when Family Promise program is held on premises). It is busiest at the 4-7pm time slots.

A. We have a total of 6-7 tables that we can open up if needed.

A. There is no charge.

Ping Pong or Table Tennis, you call it what you want,
but we are having fun!