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MOPS Gardening Project

One of the MOPS moms extraordinaire, Jennifer Ping, started gardening with her children the last couple months. She had bought a bunch of seed packets, but didn't need all of it and asked if any of the MOPS moms would like them. When I sent out an inquiry, there was a strong positive response. Apparently, a lot of us are gardening more!

 Jennifer decided to do us one better and planted a bunch in order to give us a head start with the plants.   I thought this would be a great project for the moms and their little ones to see how food actually grows from the garden!  It is also very therapeutic to watch things grow.  

In order to minimize contact with other people,  I sent along a sign up sheet with 30 minute time slots.  We had our MOPS gardening project at my backyard to great success!  Every 30 minutes,  I had another mom or family stop by to pick up a few seedlings.  There were seedlings of Asian pear tomatoes,  sweet 100 cherry tomatoes,  violet heirloom tomatoes, grape tomatoes,  cucumbers,  gold bush beans,  purple bush beans, three different kinds of basil,  purple eggplant,  magenta eggplant,  dill, papaya,  Malabar spinach, and cilantro.   

Jennifer also made really cute seed packets with instructions to give away.  

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