Our Church

We partner with the Honolulu Japanese Seventh Day Adventist Church, a certified, Blue Zones Project. The Honolulu Japanese Seventh Day Adventist Church brings valuable resources through their Blue ZonesProject affiliation.

What is Adventism?

There are four things that identify Adventism. They have the second largest education system in the world, their fundamental beliefs hold them to values, they believe in a second coming, and a have a large focus on diet.

The Adventist message is about caring for the whole body. This is why their church makes for the perfect meeting place

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About Blue Zones
While many traditional health initiatives focus on diet and exercise programs, we focus on comprehensively changing a community’s environment so thatindividuals are nudged into making healthy choices. We take a systematic approach to improving well-being through policy, building design, social networks,and built environment. By optimizing the places that we live, work and play – we can make the healthy choices the easy choices so we naturally adopt healthybehaviors.
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